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1. Educate yourself on the importance of the breed! We have a number of materials on our Resources Portal ranging from scientific journals to videos that may be useful in deciding whether a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony is right for you! For first-time Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony owners, please consider reading this useful article on the history of these ponies and to understand the long-term commitment needed for cultural and species preservation:

2. Consider breeding Lac La Croix Indigenous Ponies after educating yourself on their cultural and spiritual significance and unique needs. Visit our website and Contact Us to see if we are looking to suitable place for our ponies' offspring. Looking for a pony near you? Our website includes contact information for our not-for-profit partners and friends as a good place to start. However, there are more Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony breeding programs across Canada and beyond that are not found on this list. 

3. Consider making a tax-deductible

charitable donation to a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony breeding program near you. Though The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary does not yet have charitable status, there are many Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony owners and breeders have made huge sacrifices to contribute to the breed and could use the support of the public to continue to do so. View our not-for-profit partners and friends list and consider making a donation to a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony breeding program to Take a Stand against the extinction of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony.

So you want to help preserve the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony... Chi miigwetch (Thank you) for your support! There are a number of ways that you can stop this critically endangered breed of horse from extinction.

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Every little bit helps. Most horse fanatics have never even heard of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony! In addition, the true history of the horse has been colonized with the arrival of our European visitors. Visit and tell your friends about our Resources page to better understand why Lac La Croix Indigenous Ponies are so important to Canadian society and First Nations culture. We feel that everyone must play a role in spreading the word about the need to protect this critically endangered breed of horse. Start the conversation on social media by using the "share" buttons at the left side of this desktop page or sharing on your mobile device!

Need a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony conversation starter? Our Red Pony Stands® sanctuary merchandise is the perfect way to facilitate a discussion about the importance of Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony as a biological sustainability and cultural preservation initiative. Help save the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony, and look good doing it! Visit our shop by clicking HERE.

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1. Contact us at The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary by clicking HERE! We would like to know how many Lac La Croix Indigenous Ponies are out there and who is making a contribution to their numbers. We can also connect you to academic and community-based resources to help you inform your breeding decisions. If you are interested in submitting your pedigree information for entry into a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony database, we can help connect you to those who are working to analyze what bloodlines are most endangered and develop strategies to avoid genetic bottleneck (i.e., a phase of development where the breed experiences a reduction in population and associated loss of alleles that can contribute to extinction).  


2. Donate genetic materials for conservation and research purposes to the Canadian Animal Genetic Resource (CAGR) program, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Government of Canada. Several Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony owners have valuable males unique to their farms. The whole Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony breed suffers a major loss in their fight to survival when a Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony stallion dies without warning. The CAGR program can the breed for generations to come by estimating genetic diversity and allowing conservation of genetic materials. The CAGR will help off-set the cost associated with the collection of up to 10 stallions per year. In addition, CAGR will help provide the veterinarians who can conduct the collections with the proper semen extender, which essentially aids in keeping the material viable until it’s reached the CAGR facility where it will then be frozen and stored in the CAGR gene bank. Want to own a gelding? It's never too late!


For CAGR protocols in proper collection of these materials or learn how CAGR may be able to absorb collection costs, please contact the The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary by clicking HERE.  ​


For more information about CAGR, including mission statement and mandates, please visit the following link: 


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