Piapot FirsT Nation
Reserve Pasture


During the summer months, our four Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony stallions enjoy the lush alfalfa-brome mix pasture of the newly fenced, 15-acre rental property located on Piapot First Nation, just south of The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary. The sanctuary is honoured to neighbour Piapot First Nation, which has a strong and vibrant Cree culture (see http://piapotfn.ca). The property offers a refurbished run-in-shed, a large fresh-water pond, poplar tree shelterbelt, and the finest of Saskatchewan's rolling hills. Our ponies share this little piece of paradise with the ruddy duck, great-horned owl, whooping crane, red-tailed hawk, muskrat, and rainbow trout. 

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The Red Pony Stands®

Qu'Appelle River Valley Pasture (PENDING)

We are currently in discussion with our friendly neighbours about the use of their 220-acre bountiful prairie land property located adjacent to The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary. Overlooking Piapot First Nation, this property would form the geographical boundaries of a ecomuseum model and award our ponies pristine and virtually endless grazing in the comfort of the the cool winds, big sky, and stunning valley views of the historic Qu-Appelle River Valley (see http://esask.uregina.ca/entry/quappelle_valley.html). Updates coming soon... 

The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary


At The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse

Sanctuary, we are honoured to house our seven pureblood Lac La Croix Indigenous Ponies in two beautiful herds, all-year round. The sanctuary is located on a beautiful 13-acre partially-treed (i.e., scots pine, maple, poplar, chokecherry, dogwood) property that is nestled at the edge of the Qu'Appelle Valley foothills which runs from west to east across southern Saskatchewan. There are a total of five alfafa-brome mixed pastures, each with its own custom pony run-in-shed handmade by The Red Pony Stands® Crew from recycled fir wood. The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary provides top-quality physical and spiritual care to our ponies at all times, and has dedicated its pasture space, facilities, and efforts exclusively to the preservation of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony breed!

Our Sanctuary Locations

Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada

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