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Title: Eyinini Mistatimwak: The Role of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony for First Nations Youth Mental Wellness (2016) by Snowshoe & Starblanket

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Title: Genetic Diversity and Admixture among Canadian, Mountain and Moorland and Nordic Pony Populations (2012) by Prystupa, Juras, Cathran, Buchanan & Plante 

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Title: Maternal Lineages in Native Canadian Equine Populations and Their Relationship to the Nordic and Mountain and Moorland Pony Breeds (2012) by Prystupa, Hind, Cothran & Plante

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​Title: Is there a Lifeguard at the Gene Pool? (2000) by Patterson

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Source: Bois Forte News (2013) Page 10

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Welcome to the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony Resource Portal! 


Here you will find a variety of resources linked to efforts to re-educate the public on the critically  endangered Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony. Many of the materials highlight the historical and cultural significance of the breed for First Nations peoples in Canada. 


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Title: The Official Horse Breeds Standard Guide: The Complete Guide to the Standards of all North American Equine Breed Associations (2009) by Lynghaug

Review: This is the only guidebook collecting the official North America breed associations’ standards and conformations, making it a much-needed, handy, and comprehensive reference. For each of 118 North American breeds -- from ponies and small horses to pleasure horses, draft horses, and thoroughbred racers -- the massive 200,000-word guide provides an official history, detailed conformation ideals, descriptions of gait and distinctive traits, temperament, colors, and variations. This guide is destined to become the bible of the horse world.

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Title: Meeting Makwa (2009) by Dorsey & Miller 

Review: Meeting Makwa is a great book for horse enthusiasts. It gives the reader an understanding of the historical importance of the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony. There is also an First Nations component to the survival of an almost extinct breed. A definite read for young readers.

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Source: KAXE Northern Community Radio (2013)

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Source: PRX Lost River (2015) Part I

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Source: PRX Lost River (2015) Part II

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Source: Native Report (2014)

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Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia (2017)

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