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Meet Amelia


The Red Pony Stands® is home to heritage breeds including the critically endangered Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony, Kunekune Pigs, Southdown Sheep and Northern Bobwhite Quail. To achieve self-sustainability and maintain a light footprint on the land, our pigs and sheep assist with regenerative grazing and invasive plant management throughout our pony pastures.  

Our small diversified farm is located 45 minutes north of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada and is nestled at the edge of the Qu'Appelle Valley which runs from west to east across the southern part of the province. In addition to our 13 acre property, our ponies enjoy a 15 acre rental pasture that is located on the neighbouring Piapot First Nation. 

At our farm, we prioritize organic and regenerative farming with the intention of raising healthy companion animals and producing nutritious fruits and vegetables in ways that improve soil health. We do this by integrating our animals into growing operations, composting, and minimizing soil disturbance, creating a rich ecosystem of symbiotic relationships between organisms above and below the land.


Indigenous Sustainability & Species Preservation

The Red Pony Stands® adopts regenerative farming practices to improve soil health and enhance Indigenous species preservation; when the land is at its healthiest, it has the greatest capacity to support all of the vital functions of an ecosystem for future generations to come. Our sustainability projects intentionally span multiple areas of environmental sustainability including regenerative land management, polyculture and no-till gardening, Indigenous species preservation, and decolonized nature/animal-based therapy and research. We consider our companion animals (ponies, sheep, pigs, and birds) to be our more-than-human relatives with unique intelligences, gifts, and agencies and treat them with the same respect as humans. 


Looking back at our Indigenous ancestors' way of life, we recognize that a holistic approach to environmental sustainability is needed to effectively address the global climate crisis and species diversity loss: by building the health of the land and all of its plant, animal, and human inhabitants from the ground up. 

Why Naturopathy

Our Heritage Breeds

"We need to situate well-being within a larger network of social relations, with both the human and more-than human worlds. We need to focus beyond the individual and extend our understandings about health and wellbeing to living in relation to all else, not just for the present but for future generations as well.""

Dr. Angela McGinnis, Founder of The Red Pony Stands®


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RR2 PO Box 3 Site 3, Craven, Saskatchewan, S0G 0W0

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